Have you ever taken the time to comtemplate the number of things you believe you need to have in place before you finally give yourself permission to have what your heart desires in life?


Well, how would your life look if, instead of spending energy and time (and who are we kidding, this could take lifetimes) trying to painstakingly put each one of those things into place, you had access to tools that could help you transmute the false-based programs, across dimensions, that created those beliefs NOW? 

I'm Intrigued. Tell Me More...

The Power That You Have

to create within your personal matrix superseeds the power that any other matrix has to create in your world - except for the areas where you have accepted its limiting beliefs as truths, regardless of whether you accepted them in your current lifetime or any other.

So, when you begin to uncover and transmute these limiting beleifs, wherever they exist across time or incarnations, there is significantly less resistance for the law of attraction to move through in order to reaquaint you with what you desire to experience.

As you develep a more intimate connection with your divine creator abilities and embrace the divine guidance that is offered in this sacred container, it is only natural that your understanding and experience of who you truly are begins to shift!

What Inspired You To Create This?

I have never worked with a tool that created such a quick, obviously significant shift in my flow of abundance as the Quantum Re-Patterning Technique, and because of that, I immediately wanted to share it. Then, Ascended Master Kuthumi graciously stepped forward to overlight this process and shared that this experiment will also be a portal for creating greater alignment with the divine within.

Under the tutelage of Ascended Master Kuthumi, you will play with the quantum field, light language, the archangels, the ascended masters, and other divine beings, to transmute your subconscious, abundance-related energy patterns at their energetic root in various, non-traditional ways (hence, the "experiment") to help you experience increased income and divinely aligned flow in all areas of your life.

And to do these things with greatly reduced resistance as you become a purer expression of your true divine essence.

Interesting! What Happens in These Monthly Sessions?

What This Monthly Experiment Includes:

  • 1 - 60 minute LIVE, interactive group Quantum Re-Patterning Session/month
  • 1 - 20 minute pre-recorded Archangel Guided Quantum Re-Patterning Session/month
  • 1 - 60 minute LIVE, interactive group Archangel's Choice Session/month*
  • Recordings of all live sessions**
  • Fun Group Challenges
  • Discounts on my private sessions and other Live Courses taught by me
  • A chance to win a 1:1 Quantum Re-Patterning sesson with me each month to work on anything you would like to
  • Private Community Facebook Group

Interactive Quantum Re-Patterning Session

In this LIVE 60-minute group session:

  • Your questions and topics guide the direction of the lower vibrational tribal programming, ancestral ties, vows, contracts, agreements, energy-signatures, etc., that will be transmuted and requalified using a quantum process created by Tara Chambers.
  • As this happens, resistance offered by any aspect of your energetic makeup around these specific topics is greately reduced which allows for that which you desire to experience to flow to you with greater speed and ease.
  • This session may also include light language, angelic energy healing, channeled messages, and other relevant tools as directed by your Divine Guides.

Archangels' Quantum Re-Patterning Session

This PRE-RECORDED 20-minute session is similar to the Live Interactive Quantum Re-Patterning Session except that:

  • The questions asked and topics addressed will be offered by your Archangels and Divine guides, as channeled by me.
  • They will select questions and topics that will lead to shifts in the areas necessary to create desired change for you.
  • Since this session is pre-recorded, you can watch it at any time after it is available in the Angelic Rewilding course library.

Archangels' Choice Session

This 60-minute group session changes each month and:

  • Holds space for anything your divine guides want to offer you that is a complement to the work that was done in the month's previous sessions.
  • It may be a channeling session by an Archangel, it may be a channeling session by an Ascended Master, it may be a long-distance angelic healing sesssion, it may be a light language-based sound bath or anything else they feel would support you.
  • The session will either be live or pre-recorded but you will be notified in the Facebook Group at the beginning of each month.

Prizes, Group Challenges & More!

Also, each month within the container of the Facebook Group you get:

  • A chance to win one private Quantum Re-Patterning Session
  • Fun group challenges specifically designed to improve your ability to receive, allow ease, raise your vibration, etc.
  • To ask questions about your experience and receive spot-coaching
  • Bonus live channelings and relevant informational videos as divinely guided

Lovely! What Else Do I Need to Know?

  • This is a monthly series. Each time we gather is an opportunity for you to approach another level of abundance-related energy signatures (financial or otherwise) that is ready to be witnessed and transmuted.

  • The cost is $77/month. For the same amount you might spend on dinner with a dear friend, you can create shifts in your quantum reality that have you experiencing a more aligned and abundant timeline.

  • The LIVE sessions are held the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month from 2:30-3:30pm and from 6:30-7:30pm EST. The pre-recorded session is offered the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

  • The link to access the private Facebook Group can be found in the WELCOME MODULE of the course. The Facebook group is where the group challenges happen.

  • The monthly videos for WEEK 1, 2 & 3 can be found in the Angelic Rewilding Course Library the day after each session takes place.

  • You have access to the FB group and session recordings in the Angelic Rewilding Library for as long as you participate in the Angelic Abundance Accelerator Experiment.

  • There are no refunds or guarantees because this is an experiment but you can cancel your subscription at any time. 

  • Watch the REPLAY of an Introductory Webinar for the Angelic Abundance Accelerator Experiment: HERE

I'd Love To Know More About You!

Hi, I'm Chernise

I am a Divine DNA Activator, Channeling Coach, Light Language Coach, Channeler of Archangels & Ascended Masters, and Professional Organizer.

With the support of Ascended Master Kuthumi and your divine guides, I hold a cosmic-womb space for you to experience a divine flow of abundance that is reflective of the true nature of your being.

Let's play together and create a continuous expansion of all sorts of abundance, divine alignment and joyful sovereignty for you!

My Invitation To You...

The ultimate goal of all of this is for you to experience yourself as the truly expansive, divine being in physical form that you already are and to do this with more joy, ease, and love and with exponentially less resistance from your subtle bodies.

If you stand firmly in the circle of your heart-fire committment to honor the divine within you, I invite you to stand in an additional where you shed the old skin of lack and dance in the divinely radiant abundance that awaits you to embody it.

I make no promisses or guarantees, but if you are divinely guided to play with me here in this space of divine abundance, it means that the Divine has something powerful to give to you, through me and I am delighted to share it with you!

I love this! I'm In! Where Do I Sign Up?