Activating your ability to speak Light Language and Archangel Toning can help you to more easily align with your multidimensional self as well as open doorways to expressing more of your innate divine abilities.

Each week, your divine guides and your guide Chernise Spruell will create a safe space for you to awaken and practice these abilities.

Week 1: Activations: Learn what light language & archangel toning are and why you benefit greatly from using them. Clear throat-chakra related vows and then allow your Soul, the Archangels, the Ascended Masters and your Divine Guides to activate your ability to speak light language and archangel toning. Homeplay: Practice speaking light language and archangel toning.

Week 2: Understanding: Align with your Soul and learn to enhance your ability to trust in order to understand the messages you receive when speaking light language. Practice sharing and decoding messages one-on-one with other students and receive a heart expanding love infusion and channeled message from the Archangel of Sound, Shamael. Homeplay: Practice trust-building exercises and deciphering your own light language.

Week 3: Self-Healing: Discover why vocal sound-healing is so effective. Learn Diamond SOULar Light Healing*, a way to work with light language to assist your spiritual journey, and connect with the archangels to use archangel toning to bring harmony to your body. Receive a healing energy infusion and channeled message from the Archangel of Healing, Raphael. Homeplay: Practice directing healing Light Language & Angelic Toning towards yourself

Week 4: Express Yourself: Learn different ways to express light language including written, drawn or painted, and danced. In class, discover your own unique expression and how to work with it going forward. Receive a rose blessing and message about how true self-expression supports your soul’s purpose from Mother Mary.

When: June, 12th, 19th, 26th & July 10th 2022
Time: 12pm-2pm EST
Where: Online
Investment: $197

All classes will be recorded and made available the next day within the Angelic Soul Wellness Course Library. 

There are two 20% off scholarships for BIPOC and LGBTQIA community. If you identify as such, please email me to inquire about the scholarship.

*Diamond SOULar Light Healing: a light language-based healing modality channeled through & created by Chernise Spruell

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Light Language & Archangel Toning: Level 2

Week 1: Dragons & Unicorns, and Healing Others: Learn about these beautiful elemental beings and why it is such a blessing to receive their divine assistance. Open to receive a channeled transmission of their healing energy and an activation to begin speaking their light language. Also learn how to use Diamond SOULar Light Healing (c) as a modality with clients. Homeplay: Find your Unicorn and your Dragon and work with them throughout the week. Practice Diamond SOULar Light Healing on at least one person.

Week 2: Galactic Family: Discover which galactic family you currently have the greatest heart-alignment with and receive an activation to speak their light language. The Love Star will offer a channeled message about why alignment with your galactic family at this time can be so helpful and how it can offer greater compassion for yourself. Homeplay: Practice speaking light language with your Galactic family. Practice Diamond SOULar Light Healing on at least one person.

Week 3: The Sun: Connect with the divine energies of Helios and Vesta as they support and offer guidance during your ascension process. Receive a channeled message from them and an activation to speak their light language. They are grateful to have this opportunity to connect with you and to offer you whatever is next on your journey of bioluminescence. Homeplay: Embody divine solar energy through light language and take notes on your experience. Practice Diamond SOULar Light Healing on at least one person.

Week 4: LightPlay: Communicate with classmates using all forms of light language learned during this class with no words spoken in English, and experiment with dancing, writing, and or drawing these new types of light language. Mother Mary will channel a transmission of love and guidance about how light language offers a powerful step into sovereignty and you will receive certification for Diamond SOULar Light Healing as an Angelic Reawakening Light Language Channeler.

**Pre-requesite for Light Language & Archangel Toning Level 2: Light Language & Archangel Toning: Level 1