You are probably excited about the possiblility of speaking light language and reconnecting with the pure, divine energy you felt so viscerally each time you heard light language...

Or with the unconditional love & acceptance you felt when you heard archangel toning.

They resonated with you in such an undeniable way that just felt "right" and might have even felt like "home."


What if there's a part of you that doesn't believe that this is possible for you?

And even if you thought it were possible, you might not have any idea about how to "do" it.

Maybe you are afraid that if you open up to them, you might take in negative energies.

Or maybe these abilities just feel so sacred that you don't even feel worthy of them.

You might have even found yourself thinking:

"Can I even to do this?"

"Where would I begin?"

"Is it safe?"

"Don't you have to be really advanced to speak light language or work with angelic energy?"


Your heart longs for a deeper, more magical connection with your soul and the archangels, yet there is legitimate concern about moving forward.

Well, something has to give because you did not choose to manifest in physical form just to recreate more of what already "is."

You are here to expand, discover and create!

...And all of those require you to move outside of the realm of the known.

Moving forward on your journey of self discovery takes guts, and if you're here, I know you have loads of them. But you don't have to reinvent the wheel, or do everything yourself, or go it alone, every single time.

The Introduction to Light Language & Archangel Toning workshop is a 90-minute recording of a live class I taught. The students had such beautiful experiences that I (and my guides) wanted to make it accessible to you.

It activates your ability to speak light language, as well as the ability to channel archangel tones, while prioritizing energetic boundaries.

And at the core of the activations are the divine beings that love you so much...

...Your very own divine guides along with the Archangels & Ascended Masters that I channel.

(Also, you are already "special enough" to do this because the ability to communicate in this way is an expression of your own soul!)

There are many ways to unlock your ability to speak light language

But guess what?

Having your divine support team guide you and hold space for this unfolding is special because they help you awaken these abilities in the most harmonious, loving, and divinely aligned ways FOR YOU.

And the best part is the sacred and intimate relationship you develop with your soul as a result.

In This Workshop You Will:

  • Receive tools to co-create a lovely activation experience.
  • Receive an energetic attunement that makes it easier for your energy field to accept the activations.
  • Learn about light language and angelic toning.
  • Receive activations for speaking light language and channeling archangel tones.
  • Discover some of the gifts possible when working with these divine abilities.
  • Receive tools to ensure the integrity of your energy field.

Because this workshop is overlit by your own divine guides who attracted you to this page, I trust that you will benefit from these activations:

Even if you don't feel connected.

Even if you don't feel aligned.

Even if you don't feel worthy.

Just Think...

How lovely would it feel to speak your soul's light language and then experience an immediate shift in vibration because of its expansive and all-loving perspective?

The tools and activations I included in this workshop are here to help you do just that.

If You Are..


...Tired of ignoring the call of your soul and

...Ready to surrender to the divine to see where this light language journey takes you

Then this Workshop is Perfect for You!

Here Are Experiences From Some Of My Students

Light language helped her listen to her soul

Light language helped her move a deep creative block

Light language helps her serve her clients even more


Will This Work For Me?

The Intro to Light Language and Archangel Toning workshop is designed for heart-centered beings who want to express more of their divine nature.

My Students Include:

Wellness Center Owners

Reiki Students & Practitioners

Energy Healers

Life Coaches

Sound Healers

LaHoChi Practitioners

Angel Channelers




You Receive Immediate Access to the Workshop Contents After Purchase so Within 24 Hours You Could be Speaking your Soul's Light Language.

And More importantly, you would be squarely on your path of consciously aligning with that Multidimensional Aspect of Yourself that Sees You, Knows You and Loves you Intimately.

Here's what enhancing your connection with your soul can look like:

Feeling less lonely because you know that the love of your soul is ever-present and available to you at any time.

Feeling supported (and sometimes even cheered on!) by your soul and archangel team as you navigate your personal journey.
Experiencing harmony in your body after speaking light language or directing archangel tones to a part of your body that previously expressed discomfort.

And There Is a Bonus, Too!



It is not necessary to transmute throat chakra related blocks in order to speak light language, but it can be very helpful.

When speaking light language you invite such pure, divine frequencies into your body via your throat that it is possible to activate pre-existing throat-chakra related vows.

This is by no means an absolute but clearing vows in this area can just bring greater ease to your process.

This vow clearing is overlit by Ascended Master Mother Mary.



These online gatherings happen every other month and in our 60 minutes together, you will:

  • Get to play with your divine gifts of speaking light language, channeling archangel tones, or writing/drawing light language in small groups
  • Increase your light language community by meeting other students from previous classes
  • Contribute to, and benefit from, the high vibration, love-based energy that is present when so many beautiful beings share their light language and angelic toning with each other!





I am a Channeling Coach, a Light Language Coach and a channeler of Archangels & Ascended Masters.

I am passionate about helping you step into the sovereign role of co-creating your world from your high-heart and in partnership with the Divine.

I started spontaneously channeling archangels & Ascended Masters about 12 years ago and light language & archangel toning about 10 years ago.

I deeply appreciated my connection with the Archangels but I had no idea how special, loving and sacred the connection with my soul would begin to feel as a result of speaking light language.

It would be a delight to support you on this journey and serve as your jumping-off point for a deeper dive into your Self!



There are many types of light language so why do you only focus on your soul's light language?

Because it is important to pick somewhere to start and your soul is such a lovely starting place. It can overlight your journey of discovering other types of light language in such a loving way.

How long after listening to the recording should I expect to speak light language or channel archangel tones?

So far, all of the students that have taken this class were speaking by the end of the class. This is not a guarantee, however I do continually set the intent to only attract students that will truly be served by what I offer.

What if I am not speaking light language or channeling archangel tones by the end of the class?

Because everyone's journey is unique, it is possible that you may not be speaking before the 90-minute class ends. If this is the case, you will have access to the recording of the class for as long as it exists and can re-listen to the activation whenever you feel divinely inspired. Also, it is full of so much high-vibration energy that can only be beneficial.

What is your return policy?

The sale of all of my digital products is final. Please make sure that this workshop fully resonates with you before you purchase it.

If speaking light language and channeling archangel tones are aspects of my divine makeup can't I figure this out on my own?

Of course! It's just much easier (and saves more time) when your activation process is overlit by your divine guides and a person in the physical realm who already has experience in this area.


I Truly Beleive That you Landed On This Page For A Reason...

So whether or not you choose to work with me, there are still choices for you to make:


You open the door to the next phase of your spiritual journey by activating your ability to speak your soul's light language and channel frequencies from the angelic realm.


You wait until the universe sends you an even larger sign that it is time for you to deepen your relationship with your soul and the Archangels. (You know that's how it works!)

Which Option Is Calling You?